Vian S9+ Heat Pump


The Vian Power S9-PLUS hot tub and swim spa heat pump is an advanced heat pump that is again a crossover model for hot tubs and swim spas. Upgrade your hot tub or swim-spa with the Vian S9+ Air Source Heat Pump from UK Hot Tubs Ltd for an energy-efficient and silent heating solution. Enjoy exceptional heating performance with advanced inverter technology.


This model has been used on hot tubs but is really designed for use on swim spas. This Full DC Inverter heat pump is capable of operating down to -10°C ambient temperature. Experience the ultimate heating solution for your hot tub or swim-spa with the Vian S9+ Air Source Heat Pump, available now from UK Hot Tubs Ltd. With its advanced inverter technology, the Vian S9+ is designed to provide exceptional heating performance while consuming less energy, reducing your environmental impact and energy bills. It also operates silently, making it the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Don’t settle for traditional heating systems, upgrade to the Vian S9+ and enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience all year round. Contact UK Hot Tubs Ltd today to get yours!

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Full DC Inverter Heat Pump

kW Out

CoP @


100% – 20% Power

100% – 20% Power

Plus 27oC

9.48 – 2.2

6.5 – 17.1

Plus 10oC

6.88 – 1.38

4.45 – 6.22

Capacity kW 27/24 (DB/WB)

1.8 kW – 9.48 kW


Hot Tub & Swim Spa

Max Power Draw

0.11 – 1.44 kW

Ambient Temp Operating Range

-10oC to 43oC

Heating Range

15oC to 40oC

Ability To Cool Water


Sound @ 1 m dB

33 to 47

Required Flow Rate

4.1 m3/hr (68.3 l/min)



Unit Size (L-D-H) mm

910 / 355 / 620

Warranty Information:

5-Years on Compressor and Heat Exchanger
2-Years on all other components