The start of your hot tub journey can be quite a confusing process.
So, for that reason, we have simplified the process by breaking it down into three main aspects that you will need to consider in preparation for your hot tub.
A – Access
B – Base
C – Cable
Whilst you may have more questions regarding the planning, the key consideration is really as simple as ABC.


Hot tubs are large bulky items and come pre-assembled. The first thought should be with getting a hot tub to where you are planning for it to be located. Not all our hot tub models are the same size so you may want to look at step two – choosing your perfect model, to double check the dimensions whilst reviewing access.

Typically, hot tubs are positioned and used in the garden. Delivery and installation are included within the purchase price of our hot tubs; however, consideration needs to be given to the available access for us to achieve this.

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It is important to think about the whole planned route when reviewing the access for a hot tub. You should check any pinch points and tight turns as well as and window ledges or protruding items such as doorsteps, guttering, gas meter boxes, etc.

It is advisable to measure the proposed rout at several places as often what may be wide enough at one end of an entryway may be narrower at another point.

Hot Tubs are delivered on their side using either a dedicated Spa Kart or Hot Tub Sled. This means that the height of the hot tub becomes the width for delivery.



Hot tubs require a suitable foundation (base). They are not suited for positioning on grass or soft surfaces. A suitable base will need to be in place prior to the installation of your hot tub. There are general considerations that need to be given for a hot tub base. It is important that it is a flat level surface strong enough to support the weight of the hot tub.

Patio – As long as your patio is flat and level and is well constructed then these make great bases for a hot tub.

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Decking – Decking is very common in gardens nowadays, either timber or composite decking is adequate if the weight-bearing of the hot tub is directed to the ground. Often decks being built for hot tub bases will be over-engineered in the section where the hot tub will be placed.

Concrete base – Concrete bases are a very common choice for hot tub installations, the recommendation is to create a concrete base that is at least 50mm thick. Bases can be created above or at ground level and need to be flat and level.

Smart Deck by Leisure Concepts – The smart deck is a handy solution to providing a suitable foundation for your hot tub. The smart deck can be installed on grass or most other surfaces to provide a weight-bearing surface for your hot tub. Some preparation will need to be made to the ground that the smart deck is to be placed on. In general, the area must be prepared to be flat and level. Then simply click the smart deck together and place on the prepared area. The smart deck is available to order from our website and can be delivered to you prior to installation of your hot tub so that you can prepare.

Other considerations regarding the base.

Cover lifter option – If you have opted to fit a cover lifter to your hot tub then you will need to allow at least 460mm of space behind the hot tub for the cover lifter to operate. Give thought to the location of the base if you are creating one and are having a cover lifter fitted.

Allowance for steps – Each of our hot tubs is supplied with a set of access steps. These will also need to be positioned on a flat level surface in front of the hot tub. If creating a base, ensure to allow for the extra size of the base over and above that of the dimensions of the hot tub for the steps.



Before installation, an electrical supply will need to be provided before your hot tub can operate.
Plug and play hot tubs will require an external 13 amp plug socket and this should be R.C.D protected. For more powerful models a larger supply will be required.

The most common electrical feed for a non-plug and play hot tub is 32 amp. Each of our models will show the required amperage rating in the specification.

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The installation of electrical supplies is heavily regulated within the UK. Installation of the electrical supply must be undertaken by a certified electrician. Installation certificates must be provided prior to the connection of the hot tub to the electrical supply. Always ensure that all electrical installations are in accordance with local regulations. Whilst only to be used as a guide you can review our Electrical installation guide below.

Please see our full pdf of our Electrical installation guide here: Installation guide



There are many factors to consider when choosing the configuration of your hot tub. These factors can range anywhere from the hydrotherapy power, the type of electrics that are required, available space, all the way through to the access that is needed for delivery.

One of the most important factors to consider, would be the capacity of the hot tub. How many people would be using it and is the size suitable for you and your family?


Apart from the obvious differences of specification, power size and price. The main thing to consider if the internal seating configuration.

Single Lounger / 5 Seats: This design is by far the most popular choice for hot tub configuration. The reason for this is because it has the ever popular lounger seat as well as bench seating with 5 positions.

In most cases, this type of configuration hosts one or two Captain chairs that sit in the corners opposite the lounger. The term Captain chair is generally used in the industry to describe a larger corner seat that has a cluster of hydrotherapy jets.

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Two Lounger / 3 Seats: Often called a twin lounger within the industry, this configuration is also popular with couples and families alike. Although the addition of a second lounger may take away some internal space, these hot tubs are great if two people are wanting a lounger as their seat of choice.

All Seater: As the name suggests, all seater hot tubs do not feature a lounger. As there is no lounger, the typical standard square all-seater hot tub will have seven seats. Making this model a great choice if you have a lot of hot tub users within the household. Or, if you like to socialise and host parties.

The nature of an all-seater hot tub means that internally they feel like they have more space.


Here at UK Hot Tubs we strongly believe all necessary extras should be included in your hot tub. We are proud to say that when you purchase your hot tub from us, all of the following features come as standard;

  • Your choice of shell colour
  • Thermal cover with locking security straps
  • Easy access composite steps
  • Chemical starter kit
  • Standard delivery and installation
  • Hand over and training on the hot tub and chemical usage

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A hot tub cover lifter is our most highly recommended accessory. The lifter will make accessing the hot tub very easy and protect it from getting damaged. If you order a cover lifter with your hot tub, the delivery team will install this for you on the day of delivery.

Even though there is a host of accessories available from our website shop, the cover lifter bracket is by far the most popular purchase.


Although our hot tubs are designed to a very high specification, additional features are available to enhance your hot tub experience.

Having chosen the industries leading Gecko Alliance controls for our hot tubs, we are able to offer you the following upgrade choices;

Gecko in.touch 2 – The in.touch 2 enables you to control your hot tub from either a tablet or smartphone.

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This is because the system creates a link between the hot tub and internet router. By downloading the free in.touch 2 application you can easily control and review your hot tub from home and away.

Available to purchase with your hot tub and installed on delivery.


Plug & Play hot tubs are becoming very popular and are a great option for many people. A Plug & Play hot tub will not, by its nature, be as powerful as a 25 or 32 amp hot tub.

We have created our Plug & Play hot tubs with clever variable boost massage controls that allow the full power of the pump to be directed to certain seats/loungers all at once.

If you are looking for a hot tub with extra power, then a higher specification, a 25 or 32 amp model, will be more suited.


When you first start looking at hot tubs, they can look quite large and overbearing. The standard size of a hot tub to suit and comfortably fit the average family is approx. 2.0-2.1m square. If space is of premium, then we do offer smaller models that can overcome this.

TIP: To visualise this space allocation in your garden, you can utilise any patio tables and chairs to place in the area you want your hot tub. Spreading them out to the approximate size, will give you a rough understanding of the volume of space that will be taken up by the hot tub.


Whether you wish to purchase your hot tub outright or spread the costs with our interest-free finance, we have a range of options to suit and whichever option you choose, we have made the process as easy as possible.

We have delivered and installed thousands of hot tubs over the years and the process is normally undertaken by two installation technicians.

It is important to have reviewed and planned for delivery as per step 1, to ensure adequate access prior to delivery.

Purchase Outright

If you wish to pay for your hot tub outright then we simply require a £100 deposit to secure your hot tub. We will then start to plan the next steps with regards to delivery dates. When we arrange and confirm the delivery date, we will then request for the balance of payment to be made prior to the delivery.

Payment can be made by all major debit and credit cards in-store or over the telephone. You can arrange a bank transfer to our bank, or we can take the payment via a one-off direct debit from your chosen account.

Finance Options

A popular choice is our zero percent no deposit finance. The application process is quick and easy.

UK Hot Tubs are a trading name of UK Hot Tubs Ltd. UK Hot Tubs Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company registration number 06836468. UK Hot Tubs Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 782053) We are a credit broker and not a lender. We offer credit facilities from one lender. Credit is subject to status, written details on request.


The team will arrive on the agreed delivery day and unload the hot tub from the delivery truck. The hot tub will be wheeled in using the industry standard SpaKart or SpaSled. At this point, the hot tub will be on its side to provide the narrowest option for access. In most cases, the first thing the delivery team will do is to start collecting water from your garden hose in a large water reservoir bag. This is to save time and to ensure that your hot tub is running and heating as quickly as possible. The team will take the hot tub to its final position and lay it down on to the base. You can review the position and orientation and let the team know when it’s where you would like it.

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Next, the team will connect the electrics and fit the accessories such as the cover lifter if ordered. The cover will be fitted, and the security straps fixed to the hot tub. As soon as the hot tub has been wired and fitted, the team will use a submersible pump to pump the water from the reservoir bag into the hot tub.

When your hot tub is full, a team member will take you through the usage of the chemical starter kit that will be included and give you tips and advice on maintenance and managing your hot tub. As proud members of BISHTA, we must now shock dose your hot tub before handing it over to you. This is a requirement of all BISHTA members as your hot tub would have been water tested in the factory and we must ensure to use a shock dose to hand over your hot tub with a level of sanitiser administered.

A full demonstration of the hot tub controls will be given and the hand over paperwork completed.

Now your hot tub will be heating to the set temperature and this usually, on average takes an approximate 8 – 10 hours. It is best practice to wait for the temperature to reach the set point and the shock dose administered to reduce before using your hot tub for the first time.