With this range being so feature packed and developed to produce extraordinary power output. The Deepwater Series takes hydrotherapy and specification to the next level and above all, offers a truly high end hot tub experience.





It is important to let our customers know that we do not compromise on quality. Our hot tubs are designed to last and come complete with a stainless steel frame, an ABS base, an acrylic shell designed by a world leader in the acrylic industry and internal pipework that has been glued and clipped to ensure your hot tub does not leak and can withstand heavy usage.

With all this in mind, you can be rest assured that our hot tubs have been manufactured to be long lasting and come with some of the best components available.

American Aristech Acrylic provide us with a quality shell that comes in three stunning colours; Odyssey, Sterling Silver and Midnight Canyon.


We pride ourselves on using only the best components available in the manufacturing of our hot tubs. From luxury American components to executive hydrotherapy massage pumps and jets you can unwind and start your journey to ultimate relaxation today.


Built with 360 insulation, our Water Series offers customers a range of energy efficient hot tubs with optimal heat retention.

Lets explain how;
1. Hot tub shells are insulated with Polyurethane. An insulating property that lies in the micro-structure of the material. Throughout the application process a chemical is produced between Polyol Resin and Isocyanate creating a unique structure of gas bubbles within the material. Once solid, this structure is set into place

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2. The base and cabinets of our hot tubs are fitted with Thermal Quilt insulation. This is a multi-layered, air bubble film bonded with aluminium to give durability and corrosion resistance to create a fully waterproof insulation system. The aluminium coating also adds a reflective layer, reflecting heat back into the hot tub. This high performing material traps air within its structure generating low emissivity air spaces enhancing its total thermal capabilities

3. Durable vinyl covers are tapered at 9-7cm to provide a run off of rain water. They include, as standard, a continuous heat seal that insulates the entire length of the cover hinge providing further heat retention. Our Water Series covers include 4 locking straps for added safety and security

All these types and styles of insulating have an enormous effect on the protection against heat loss.


Hydrotherapy is derived from the Greek words;
‘Hydro’ meaning water and ‘Therapeia’ meaning healing.

It is the use of water, whether it be hot, cold, steam or ice that can relieve discomfort, treat an illness, rehabilitate after an injury and/or promote physical well-being.

This therapeutic use of water is no modern procedure and goes back hundreds of years recorded in Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations where bathhouses were an essential part of Ancient Roman culture. They were extremely popular with the public throughout Europe during the 17th and 18th Century and they made their first American appearance in the mid 1700s.

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The use of steam, baths and aromatic massage to promote well-being has been documented since the first century and was written by Roman physicians Galen and Celsus who thought that treating patients with warm and cold baths could prevent diseases.

So, although modern hot tubs may be relatively recent, the health benefits they provide match the principle, beliefs and understanding of something that has been apart of mainstream medical science for years. It just means that everyone can now enjoy those benefits from the comfort of their own home. Whether it be after a day of juggling work and family, recovering from an injury or just simply needing to unwind, hot tub hydrotherapy provides both relaxation and healing.


  • Reduces muscle tension and relieves pain
  • Rehabilitates injured muscles
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Encourages detoxification
  • Relieves stress




Our 3.5” Directional & Pure Inner jets are shown to improve blood circulation and help with tension, headaches and pain across the shoulders


Our 3.5” & 5” Directional, Pure Inner & Twin Rotational jets provide relief for back ache and help with body relaxation


Our 2” Pure Inner jets massage tight muscles helping to relax palms and fingers


Our 2” Pure Inner jets stimulate tight, tired muscles and help reduce pain and tension within these areas


Our 7” Power jet stimulates nerve endings within the foot and helps to soothe sore tired feet leaving the body to feel fully relaxed and rejuvenated

7” Power Jet

5” & 3.5” Pure Inner Jet

5” Twin Rotational Jet

5”, 3.5” & 2” Direct Jet


  • Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  • Corner mounted pop up speakers
  • Integrated ice bucket
  • E.V.A Comfort Headrests


Fitted as standard, our Bluetooth receiver with amplifier allows you to control your hot tubs audio system.

Our Deepwater Series is fitted with a 2.1 system, featuring 2 x surface mount speakers and a subwoofer. Giving you a far more immersive audio experience.

Easily connect to one of your Bluetooth enabled devices (For example; smartphone or tablet) and play your favourite music.


Not only does our L.E.D Lighting system illuminate our water features, they are also built into our jets to brighten up the whole hot tub. Set this lighting system to your desired colour for the perfect mood.

Our Halo L.E.D lights feature on the following;

  • Exterior cabinet corners
  • Cup Holders
  • 5 Inch Footwell light
  • Water and Air Controls
  • Internal Shell Perimeter lighting
  • 3 ” – 5” and 5.5” Jet Internals
  • Hydro Shear waterfall
  • Hydro Flow Fountain
  • Hydro River Fountain

Water Features

Water Features

Water Features


The Freshwater Series (Bay, Lagoon, Stream & Brook) and Deepwater Series run on a dedicated, energy efficient circulation pump that keeps the water moving through the circulation system. Whilst the hot tub is heated, the water is pushed through the filter, heater and jets creating the most desired, relaxing experience.

The Whitewater Series and Freshwater Series, River, are fitted with a two speed pump. A low speed to keep the water circulating and a high speed that is sent through the jets creating the pressure you enjoy.

Without circulation pumps hot tub water would be still, quiet and the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Our Whitewater Series and Freshwater Series the River, are fitted with a two speed pump. Low speed keeps the water circulating and high speed is sent through the jets creating the pressure you enjoy.


A circulation pump pulls water from the surface and then pushes it through the filter housing. Water is passed through the filter front, removing large debris, such as leaves. Then it is passed through the FWS01 micro filters, trapping any unwanted particles in their folds, through the pump and then back into the main body of water through the circulation jets.

FWS01 micro filters are designed so that they can be easily removed from the filter housing, cleaned and replaced. It is recommended to replace these filters once a year and to purchase a spare set so that when they need cleaning, there is always a fresh set to go in their place.


in.k500™ Full-Function Intuitive Colour Keypad

The in.k500 is built with all the great features you need to enjoy your hot tub. Discreet, compact and unobtrusively beautiful. Compatible on Bay, Lagoon, Brook, Stream, River & Arctic.

in.k1000™ Touch Screen Keypad

No buttons, keys and overlays! Mode and function selection wheels, all-on or all-off one touch activation key of last used settings, interactive display icons and on-screen messages are all elements of the in.k1000 user interface designed to let spa users interact intuitively with their spa and its value-added accessories. This keypad is fitted on our Deepwater Series; Atlantic and Pacific.

GECKO in.touch 2

Our in.touch 2 eliminates all the complexities of connecting your hot tub to the internet and transforms your smartphone or tablet, into your ultimate mobile remote control. It comes with a state-of-the-art app and 2 pre-paired radio frequency transmitters.

The in.touch 2 state of the art app has 5 pre-set water care features that are essential to the good use of your hot tub. Each mode is easy to select, activate or modify. Using these features can lower energy costs and save you money.

For more information on our water care modes please see the links below;

In.touch 2 App – Control your spa:


The water care section will help you set up your ideal filtration and healing settings. Choose a mode depending on your need.

Use the light key to choose your setting. A check mark will appear on the selected icon to confirm.

In economy mode, the set point will be reduced by 11°C, which means that the heating system will not be engaged unless the temperature falls to 11°C below the hot tubs set temperature.

Modifying your preset mode schedules, to suit your lifestyle, will help you to save energy.


In this mode the hot tub will always be in economy. The set point will be reduced by 11°C.


The hot tub will never be in economy mode and will be filtering according to the low level configuration.


The hot tub will be in economy mode during the hours of the day and resume normal mode on weekends.


The hot tub will always be in economy mode during peak hours, every day of the week.


The hot tub will be in economy mode from Monday to Friday and will run normally on the weekend*.



Preparation & Planning

The start of your hot tub journey doesn’t have to be a confusing process. We’ve made it as simple as A, B, C.

Choosing Your Perfect Hot Tub, Upgrades and Accessories

There are many factors to consider when choosing the configuration of hot tub that is right for you and your family.

Purchase, Delivery & Installation

Whatever option you choose for the purchase, delivery & installation of your hot tub we have made the process as easy as possible.