If it should go wrong, you won't be left out on your own

The hot tub's got a problem and you need to contact someone who knows their stuff - and fast!

Unless you're very lucky, you'll struggle to get a technician to you quickly because they're all out on call.

This'll most likely be true of us too because everyone's service people are fully stretched during the 'hot tub season'.
Even so, we won't leave you stranded. Our emergency switch-off guide on this website is designed to help you make everything safe until we can get out to you.

This is just one small example of our approach to customer care.

Our knowledge, attention to detail and attitude to our work has earned us a much envied reputation of which we are enormously proud and determined to safeguard.

If your visit is not due to an emegency, please take a closer look at our services and feel free mooch around the care products in our online shop.