Regularly oxidising hot tub water, ideally weekly, will pay dividends in the prevention of problems such as green coloured water. Bather wastes such as perspiration, urine and cosmetics can build up in hot tub water providing nutrients for bacteria and algae. A weekly oxidising treatment or shock dose will destroy these wastes and help maintain comfortable bathing conditions.

Here are some chemicals you can use to help oxidise your hot tub water:

Aquasparkle Spa Fusion

Spa Fusion is the ultimate product for regular oxidisation of hot tub water. Supplied in a convenient 35g sachet, this powerful oxidiser not only destroys bather wastes but also clarifies the water. This gives you water that looks great and is comfortable for bathers. As Spa Fusion is supplied in a pre-measured sachet, this makes application very easy.

Spa Revive

Spa Revive is a granule version of Spa Fusion. It should be used weekly or after heavy use to help remove bather wastes that can build up in hot tub water resulting in odours and reduced water clarity. This granule product has clarifiers within it which helps keep your water crystal clear.

Non Chlorine Shock Granules

A granular product that is ideal for the regular oxidisation of hot tub water as it will destroy organic waste and chloramines without increasing the chlorine level. These granules can be used for chlorine or bromine treated hot tubs.

Granular Shock

A fast dissolving un-stabilised chlorine granule used for the oxidisation of spa water, which will eliminate bather wastes and contaminates.

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