In Acrylic Hot Tubs

What is the issue with Chlorine Tablets?

Although Chlorine Tablets are still available, we strongly recommend that they aren’t used in Acrylic Hot Tubs and Swim spas. Over the years we have seen damage caused to various components like headrests, jets, filters and covers in hot tubs and swim spas as well as acrylic issues like bleaching and burns/blisters.

Why are we telling you this?

We want your hot tub to last if it can without too many issues caused by chemicals. Most chemicals won’t cause too many issues if you read the labels and follow the application instructions, however accidents can happen and chemicals that are potentially okay in their application can become more aggressive and cause problems. The most problematic one over time it has been shown that is Chlorine Tablets.

What can we do?

Use an alternative like Bromine Tablets or Stabilised Chlorine Granuals. Bromine tablets will kill bacteria like Chlorine tablets, but we haven’t seen the side effects to be as bad over similar time frames and the Acrylic manufacturers have done their tests and are happy with Bromine Tablets. If you are using O2 soft and gentle with a Chlorine Tablets in a floating dispencer we recommend just using the Bromine tablet in it’s place as this can be used in conjunction with the O2. If you are not happy with Bromine for some reason then Chlorine granuals can be used as another alternative but these need to be added on a more frequent bases as they are instantly dissolved. The testing of the water also needs to be more frequent. Chlorine granuals don’t have the same aggressive compounds as the Chlorine Tablets and are therfore more suited for acrylic hot tubs and swimspas.

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We hope that this information has helped you to regain your water clarity. These are guidelines and it is a case of taking the time to maintain and keep on top of your chemicals. Over time spa water can become ‘stale’ as it absorbs minerals, chemicals and other soluble materials that cause total dissolved solids (T.D.S) to increase. When the T.D.S level reaches 1,500mg/l it is time to drain that water out of the spa and refill it with fresh new water. As a guide it is best to have your hot tub drained and refilled every 2-3 months. For more information please give our office a call on 02392 471 073.