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Hot Tub Moves


Hot Tub Relocation

When considering the relocation or the purchase of a hot tub there are several factors that you will need to consider and some that we will need to know if we are to be involved.

Available Access

We may well need your feedback on this. Please take a good look at the access way for the hot tub removal or delivery. If you think there may be potential problems, please let us know if we may need additional personnel beyond our normal team of two. The spa will be attached to our moving kart and wheeled out of its location and loaded onto a flatbed vehicle. To do this we will need a fairly clear run. The diagram below demonstrates some of the areas to consider.

*(Note: If access is restricted and it is not possible to complete the delivery, all further visits will be chargeable.)

The spa is generally manoeuvred on a spa kart (dolly) as shown below. The approximate sizes of these karts are 3650mm x 820mm and need 160mm ground clearance. This kart must be able to fit through the proposed route of the spa and around all corners. (The hot tub is wheeled on this kart on its side.)

Check Clearance

  • Measure the width of doorways, passages and gates to ensure adequate clearance. Gates, doors and fences may need to be removed
  • Ensure nothing is protruding such as drainage pipes or sills that could obstruct the way
  • Check to see if there are any low roofs or branches that would hinder vertical clearance
  • Check there are no steep slopes, retaining walls or large amount of steps/stairs that could cause problems
  • In circumstances where a clear route is not available, a crane can be used. Please contact your local crane hire company to arrange this service. This cost is not included in our relocation quote
  • Clearance needs can vary depending on the model of hot tub, refer to hot tub dimensions to check this, or contact us for further advice

Electrical Requirements At New Location

This information is simply a guide and we strongly recommend that you satisfy yourself with all current regulations and requirements.

All spas must to be permanently connected by a designated supply (hard wired) to the power source. A suitably qualified electrician MUST carry out all Electrical installations (preferably also a member of NICEIC or local regulating authority).

As from the 1st January 2005 the government has passed legislation to cover electrical minor works (Part P) i.e. supply cable from a home to a garden spa. A new spa owner MUST adhere to the new regulations for electrical works after this date, which covers the new Part P legislation.

If the installation of the electrical supply is undertaken by persons not registered with a government regulatory body, such as the National Inspection Council for Electrical Instillation Contracting (NICEIC) or the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), then the installation has to be inspected for safety by a NICEIA or ECA member.

If the installation is found to be compliant with all of the safety standards, a minor works certificate will be issued. Until such time as a valid certificate is available, the spa will remain unconnected from the power supply.

A Residual Current Device (RCD) must protect all electrical supplies to the spa; this must be of the correct rating to handle the power drawn by the model of spa being installed. This can vary.

There will need to be a lockable isolator (minimum of two meters from the water) located in a suitable environment and large enough to allow use of a cable run back to the spa with a four-meter tail. The commissioning technician can only undertake the connection of this tail to the spa.

Preparation That We Would Recommend You Undertake

Disconnection of the hot tub ready for moving.

UK Hot Tubs can disconnect the hot tub but you will need to appoint an electrician to completely terminate the electrical supply. We would ask that you best prepare the tub as follows:

  • Turn off the spa at the isolation switch
  • Drain the water from the spa
  • Collect together any of the accessorise that will be relocating with the spa
  • Where possible remove gates and obstructions, if this is not convenient, please give us notice so that we can come prepared.

Delivery At New Location

UK Hot Tubs can offer a relocation and delivery service or we can commission the spa at its new location.

We would ask that you best prepare as follows:

  • Ensure the electrical supply is completed
  • Where possible remove gates and obstructions, if this is not convenient, please give us notice so that we can come prepared.
  • Ensure that the base for the hot tub is complete and ready.

Considerations For New Hot Tub Position

Where You Live

  • Hot climate (provide shade)
  • Cold climate (possible changing facilities or gazebo)


  • Different seasons can provide different coverage, what seems to be a private area during summer could turn into an exposed place when trees are bare in the winter.

Keep Water clean

  • Providing clean routes of access such as paths are an advantage as they reduces the debris that is carried into the spa from bathers feet.


  • Rooms need to be well-ventilated and adequate protection given to walls and ceilings.

Access to service

  • In the event of the spa requiring maintenance or servicing, available access is required around the spa.

Suitable Foundation For Your Hot Tub

Wherever you decide to install your hot tub, it is essential that a solid foundation be provided (Grass and gravel is unsuitable). Each portable spa is manufactured with a flat even base, at the point of installation if the spa is found to sit unevenly when placed on the chosen foundation it is inadvisable to continue with the commissioning of the tub, severe damage could occur in the future.

Outdoors We recommend that your hot tub be placed on a concrete base a minimum of 10cm thick. If you place your spa on a patio or on wooden decking it is important to make sure that it can support the weight of the spa filled with water and people.

Indoors again, make sure that the floor can sustain the weight of the spa. Please remember too that a spa is filled with water, so flooring that is suitable for a moisture rich environment and will not be easily damaged by water is recommended.



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